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Sierra Trails RV Park

Sierra Trails RV Park is located only two miles north of Highway 58. You can enjoy fresh air and sun shine in our high altitude location! Our weather is beautiful, with warm days and cool nights; we ensure your comfort ability.

Sierra Trails RV Park was built in 1965 and is located in Mojave, California. It was part of a marine training base during WWII and when they closed it down Sierra Trails RV Park bought the land and is still currently residing in Mojave California.

Sierra Trails RV Park

Located two miles north of Highway 58 on Highway 14 in the Mojave area. Nearby attractions: Poppy Reserve, Red Rock Canyon, Borax Mines, 20 Mule Team Museum, Arrow Saxon Space Museum, Death Valley and many others! In the high desert elevation of 2750′ the air is always clean and fresh and the sun is always shinning.
Sierra Trails RV Park, with warm days and cool nights, is a great place to get away from the stress of everyday life. Bring your hammock and enjoy a peaceful, quiet place in which to rest during all seasons.

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